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И неожиданно оказывается, что добавлять ссылки в делишес, писать в тамблер и твиттер — такой кайф! Магия обратной связи и единства.
Очень да. Благодаря ff (лучше) заработали и все остальные сервисы. - mindszenty
Работать в шумном офисе дико сложно. Последний шанс — Carbon Based Lifeforms в плеере. Central plains is hardcore shit.
Online Communities Design Patterns - http://www.slideshare.net/pecus...
from: pecus 11 months ago We need to identify and gather a set of best practices regarding community-centered design. This presentation came out from experimental workshop I gave on LIFT08 in Geneva, and introduce a set of design/functional patterns and interactions that a successful online community should display in order to empower its users and facilitate conversation between its members. This workshop also tries to establish a bridge between Usability Best Practices and Community Centered Design, a practice that can maximize the networking and crowd effect under online user communities. For the full presentation file, please refer to my blog post: http://blog.centopeia.com/... (SlideShare actually wouldn't allow me to upload the entire presentation file - size restrictions I guess) Tags: communitiessocialsoftwaresocialwebcdpocdp - × × ×