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Light completely stopped for a record-breaking minute - physics-math - 25 July 2013 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
"The fastest thing in the universe has come to a complete stop for a record-breaking minute. At full pelt, light would travel about 18 million kilometres in that time – that's more than 20 round trips to the moon. ¶ "One minute is extremely, extremely long," says Thomas Krauss at the University of St Andrews, UK. "This is indeed a major milestone." ¶ The feat could allow secure quantum communications to work over long distances." • #занимательная_физика - × × ×
“They also used the trap to store and then retrieve an image consisting of three stripes. "We showed you can imprint complex information on your light beam," says Heinze.” - × × ×
Disney Research » Aireal: Interactive Tactile Experiences in Free Air - http://www.disneyresearch.com/project...
"AIREAL is a new low cost, highly scalable haptic technology that delivers expressive tactile sensations in mid air. AIREAL enables users to feel virtual objects, experience dynamically varying textures and receive feedback on full body gestures, all without requiring the user to wear a physical device. AIREAL is designed to use a vortex, a ring of air that can travel large distances while keeping its shape and speed. When the vortex hits a user’s skin, the low pressure system inside a vortex collapses and imparts a force the user can feel. The AIREAL technology is almost entirely 3D printed using a 3D printed enclosure, flexible nozzle and a pan and tilt gimbal structure capable of a 75-degree targeting field. Five actuators are mounted around the enclosure which displaces air from the enclosed volume, through the flexible nozzle and into the physical environment. The actuated flexible nozzle allows a vortex to be precisely delivered to any location in 3D space." • #занимательная_физика - × × ×
5D ‘Superman memory’ crystal could lead to unlimited lifetime data storage :: University of Southampton - http://www.southampton.ac.uk/mediace...
"Using nanostructured glass, scientists at the University of Southampton have, for the first time, experimentally demonstrated the recording and retrieval processes of five dimensional digital data by femtosecond laser writing. The storage allows unprecedented parameters including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1000°C and practically unlimited lifetime." • #занимательная_физика - × × ×
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Как там смешно в конце рассказывают, что использовать это захотят в первую очередь организации с большим объёмом документов и музеи (а не NSA, чтобы хранить логи всего, от чего остаются электронные следы). - earlyadopter
Какая разница? - Michael Bravo
Обычно люди при упоминании больших объёмов документов думают про культурное наследие, а не про полицейское государство или про маркетинговый датамайнинг. Ну, как и с атомной энергетикой примерно выходит. - × × ×
Can Powdered Water Cure Droughts? - Modern Farmer - http://modernfarmer.com/2013...
"The Mexican government conducted a one-season sample study on farmers in the semi-arid state of Hidalgo. Side-by-side, farm plots showed up to 300 percent increases in crop yield when Solid Rain was used. For instance, the comparison of oatmeal showed a huge jump in yields — 2500 kg per hectare in fields without Solid Rain versus 5000 kg per hectare in fields with it. Sunflowers were 1000 kg per hectare versus 3000 kg. And bean yields went through the roof, with a difference of 450 kg per hectare versus 3000 kg." • #занимательная_физика - × × ×
«That’s the basic process used by Solid Rain — it’s a highly absorbent polymer called potassium polyacrylate, which soaks in water up to 500 times its original size. A whole liter of water can be absorbed in just 10 grams of Solid Rain, which converts into a thick, translucent gel. The water is then retained for up to a year, and it will not evaporate, run off into the soil or go anywhere until it’s consumed by a plant’s roots.» - 9000
Graphene-based Ink Promises Future Flexible Electronics - IEEE Spectrum - http://spectrum.ieee.org/nanocla...
"Researchers at Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering have developed a graphene-based ink that could be sprayed onto substrates to make flexible electronics. While the research thus far has only extended to spraying 14-nanometer-thick layers to create precise patterns, the researchers believe that method they developed for creating the graphene-based ink could lead to flexible electronic devices in the future. ¶ While the graphene-based ink leads to patterns that are 250 times as conductive as previous attempts to print graphene-based electronic patterns, the paper doesn't discuss whether the material can be engineered to act as a semiconductor. Engineering a band gap into graphene remains a critical prerequisite for applying the material in electronics, and was a preoccupation for the Cornell team in its attempts to use graphene in flexible electronics." • #занимательная_физика - × × ×