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One-time Evernote rival Springpad to close its doors | The Verge - http://www.theverge.com/2014...
“Springpad, a productivity app that struggled to stand out from similar offerings from Evernote and Pinterest, is planning to close its doors, The Verge has learned. The six-year-old Boston company, which raised more than $7 million, had around 400,000 people using its digital notebooks to save tasks, notes, checklists, and more. But it never came close to matching the momentum of Evernote, which said this month that it now has over 100 million users.” • #закрыто_в_2014 - × × ×
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Месяц на то, чтобы унести ноги со спрингпада. Эх - последние дни настали
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будете экспортировать из спрингпада свои заметки - не экспортируйте в эвернот, только в архив. В эвернот оно экспортит только жалкие сниппеты с картинками, а ссылки и теги теряет - последние дни настали