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Shattered Glass | magazine | Vanity Fair - http://www.vanityfair.com/magazin...
"At 25, Stephen Glass was the most sought-after young reporter in the nation’s capital, producing knockout articles for magazines ranging from The New Republic to Rolling Stone. Trouble was, he made things up—sources, quotes, whole stories—in a breathtaking web of deception that emerged as the most sustained fraud in modern journalism." #конкультура #воображаемая_цивилизация - × × ×
Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs — Kevin Karsch, Varsha Hedau, David Forsyth, Derek Hoiem, SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 - http://kevinkarsch.com/publica...
“We propose a method to realistically insert synthetic objects into existing photographs without requiring access to the scene or any additional scene measurements. With a single image and a small amount of annotation, our method creates a physical model of the scene that is suitable for realistically rendering synthetic objects with diffuse, specular, and even glowing materials while accounting for lighting interactions between the objects and the scene. We demonstrate in a user study that synthetic images produced by our method are confusable with real scenes, even for people who believe they are good at telling the difference. Further, our study shows that our method is competitive with other insertion methods while requiring less scene information. We also collected new illumination and reflectance datasets; renderings produced by our system compare well to ground truth. Our system has applications in the movie and gaming industry, as well as home decorating and user content creation, among others.” - × × ×
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Из комментариев на Слэшдоте: “Well, that pretty well wraps it up for anyone trying to prove anything supernatural or extra-terrestrial on earth. Who would ever believe any video evidence now?” - × × ×
Отвал башки, конечно. Дешёвые вычислительные мощности начинают превращаться из количественного преимущества в качественное — примерно как с деблюром в новой версии Фотошопа, которую Адоби показывали месяц назад: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack... - × × ×