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#sxaesthetic — New Aestethics • “It’s 2011, and I have no idea what anything is or does anymore”. (Tom Taylor) | booktwo.org - http://booktwo.org/noteboo...
“Because a line has been crossed, technology/software/code is in and of the world and there’s no getting out of it. Some architects can look at a building and tell you which version of autodesk was used to create it. The world is defined by our visualisations of it. (Someone who makes such things told me: what they put in, even as place-holders, always ends up getting built. Lorem Ipsum architecture.)” #trendtaste - × × ×
“My point is, all our metaphors are broken. The network is not a space (notional, cyber or otherwise) and it’s not time (while it is embedded in it at an odd angle) it is some other kind of dimension entirely. ¶ BUT meaning is emergent in the network, it is the apophatic silence at the heart of everything, that-which-can-be-pointed-to. And that is what the New Aesthetic, in part, is an attempt to do, maybe, possibly, contingently, to point at these things and go but what does it mean?” - × × ×
“An Essay on the New Aesthetic”, Bruce Sterling — http://www.wired.com/beyond_... - × × ×