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Insta-Backlash: Twitterverse Overreacts To Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition, Users Delete Accounts | TechCrunch - http://techcrunch.com/2012... (via http://friendfeed.com/media-n...)
“Not everyone is happy about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram this morning, it seems. In an apparent insta-backlash, a bunch of folks are tweeting about their intentions to delete their Instagram accounts now that Facebook has tainted their trendy social network with its massive data-grabbing paws. It’s a spectacle even worse than when Instagram launched on Android, prompting all those #teamiPhone tweets. Sigh. Some tech blogs are even posting tips and tools that help you get your data out of the service, too, like Instaport, for example. On Hacker News, a user dug up the Instagram page that lets you delete your account. Hooray. (Note: don’t click that link in haste unless you’re sure. All your photos will be gone, and you can’t re-register under the same username in the future.) Evident among the tweeters are the typical concerns that when a big company steps in, it means things will never be the same – that Facebook will shut down the service or that they’ll change it somehow – two things Facebook and Instagram have both assured users they aren’t planning on doing. Others are concerned with what an influx of the Facebook mainstream user base will mean for their hip (but not so little) community.” #стайность - × × ×
Наш любимый Пол Форд про «почему меня не спросили»: http://www.ftrain.com/wwic... — ““Why wasn't I consulted,” which I abbreviate as WWIC, is the fundamental question of the web. It is the rule from which other rules are derived. Humans have a fundamental need to be consulted, engaged, to exercise their knowledge (and thus power), and no other medium that came before has been able to tap into that as effectively.” - × × ×