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Best Images of 2011 - Imgur - http://imgur.com/bestof2011
"Behold: The second annual "best of" list is in! Rounding up this year's top images was no easy task with our hosted images being viewed more than 68 billion times! We reviewed all of the images that went viral - making us laugh, think, and (not that we would admit it) cry. So without further ado, we invite you to join us as we count down the 11 most worthy images of the 2011 Internet. Enjoy and Happy New Year!" #год2011 - × × ×
Ради этого, в общем: “We love a good rage comic, but this one brings them to a whole different level. It's not only one of the greatest rage comics ever written, it's also one of the most inspiring stories we've ever heard. It tells the life story of an 86 year old man, and will probably make you look at your life in a completely different way.” — http://i.imgur.com/Cpdaq.jpg - × × ×