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Никогда такого не было, и вот опять • Sapienti sat • «Жизнь представала перед Евгением во всем своем удручающем многообразии».
Google Reader and Mac/iOS RSS readers that sync — inessential.com - http://inessential.com/2011...
"FeedDemon author Nick Bradbury asked on the unofficial API support list if Google Reader is being retired. At this writing, a couple days after the recent announcement, the question remains unanswered." - × × ×
"But Google Reader has just changed, and some syncing RSS readers will lose some features, and I take that as a reminder that it could change in a way that breaks syncing, and Google would not have broken any official APIs. I’m not an RSS reader developer any more. But if I were, I’d start looking for an alternative syncing system right now." - × × ×
The Apple-fication of everything – SplatF - http://www.splatf.com/2011...
"One of the best things about Steve Jobs’ return to Apple — which will live on and benefit society long after Jobs’ death — is how he basically spent the last 14 years teaching thousands of Apple employees to have incredibly high standards and to build amazing products. Perhaps more importantly, through Apple’s products, Steve also taught hundreds of millions of consumers to expect and demand amazing things. For now, many of those Apple colleagues — especially the ones who worked most closely with Steve — still work there. But over time, more will leave to start their own companies or launch new projects. And some of those companies will make some really cool things completely outside the consumer electronics industry, reflecting both the work of their founders and also a little bit of Steve Jobs." - × × ×
Маша, как обычно — MET. Это ещё не совсем мгновенный оргазм, но... - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
Маша, как обычно — MET. Это ещё не совсем мгновенный оргазм, но где-то очень поблизости. - × × ×
Caterina Fake: Killing the Abraham | Epicenter | Wired.com - http://www.wired.com/epicent...
"In Matthew 1:1 in the Bible, we find the begats. These inauspicious and relatively few (210) words draw a straight line from Abraham to “Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.” Not a shabby way to start up. I call the founder, founders or founding team of a company “The Abraham.” The Abraham influences all that follows, sets the vision and direction for the company, and the Abraham’s mores, habits, preferences, flaws and prejudices are often built, consciously or unconsciously, into the fabric of the company. This influences the products and services, first and foremost." - × × ×
A Look At How Much the iPhone Camera Has Improved - http://www.petapixel.com/2011...
«Photographer Lisa Bettany has an interesting post over at Camera+ comparing the iPhone 4S camera to the cameras on each of the previous versions (and a couple other cameras as well). It’s an interesting look at how much cell phone cameras have improved since the original iPhone was announced at the beginning of 2007.» - × × ×
я таки полагаю, в 3ГС появился автофокус? - Agent of Evil, Джомсом
"Most partnerships don’t end up in court. Most friendships don’t end in a fight. Most..." - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
“ Most partnerships don’t end up in court. Most friendships don’t end in a fight. Most customers don’t leave in a huff. Instead, when one party feels underappreciated, or perhaps taken advantage of, she stops showing up as often. Stops investing. Begins to move on. No, I’m not going to sue you. Yes, I’ll probably put my best efforts somewhere else. Just because there are no firestorms on the porch doesn’t mean you’re doing okay. More likely, there are relationships out there that need more investment, quiet customers who are unhappy but not making a big deal out of it. They’re worth a lot more than the angry ones. ” - Seth’s Blog: Not fade away - × × ×
В том числе и поэтому у бумаги почти не осталось шансов.
“Child thinks magazine is broken iPad” — http://www.chicagotribune.com/news...#прокниги - × × ×
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Я бы с интересом посмотрел на версию книжек, скажем, Tufte для Kindle/iBook :P - Taras Brizitsky
Печально, что почти нет книг на русском на амазоне. Кстати, щас там рассматривал «Войну и мир» оксфордского издательства и охренел. Там есть введение хорошее о книге, там есть хронолоия жизни Толстова, описание исторических персонажей и даже карты (!) сражений. Во http://www.amazon.com/War-Pea... - Denis Baranov
вообще да, но видео не слишком убедительное :) лет через 5 технологии должны окончательно превратить «обычные» книги в «забавные игрушки» и предметы роскоши - indeyets
Вряд ли это прям преимущество. Уже продают и бумажный вариант. http://www.waterstones.com/waterst... например, или даже на Амазоне. - Андрей Шитов
Вон то, на картинке, куплено было неделю назад. А пришло оно само в устройство сегодня утром. Возможность не думать о том, что когда выйдет, а купить его (или предзаказать, или отложить) и потом найти в читалке — вот это вот преимущество. Даже приходящие по почте книги не так хороши, потому что читалка всегда рядом (в силу того, что она не только читалка), а книги становятся на полку и «ждут своего часа». - × × ×
Rendering Synthetic Objects into Legacy Photographs — Kevin Karsch, Varsha Hedau, David Forsyth, Derek Hoiem, SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 - http://kevinkarsch.com/publica...
“We propose a method to realistically insert synthetic objects into existing photographs without requiring access to the scene or any additional scene measurements. With a single image and a small amount of annotation, our method creates a physical model of the scene that is suitable for realistically rendering synthetic objects with diffuse, specular, and even glowing materials while accounting for lighting interactions between the objects and the scene. We demonstrate in a user study that synthetic images produced by our method are confusable with real scenes, even for people who believe they are good at telling the difference. Further, our study shows that our method is competitive with other insertion methods while requiring less scene information. We also collected new illumination and reflectance datasets; renderings produced by our system compare well to ground truth. Our system has applications in the movie and gaming industry, as well as home decorating and user content creation, among others.” - × × ×
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Из комментариев на Слэшдоте: “Well, that pretty well wraps it up for anyone trying to prove anything supernatural or extra-terrestrial on earth. Who would ever believe any video evidence now?” - × × ×
Отвал башки, конечно. Дешёвые вычислительные мощности начинают превращаться из количественного преимущества в качественное — примерно как с деблюром в новой версии Фотошопа, которую Адоби показывали месяц назад: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack... - × × ×
Альфред Хичкок и Angry Birds. This is WIN. - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
Альфред Хичкок и Angry Birds. This is WIN. - × × ×
Apple’s Lower Prices Are All Part of The Plan: Something unexpected has happened at Apple, once known as the tech industry’s high-price leader. Over the last several years it began beating rivals on price. - NYTimes.com - http://www.nytimes.com/2011...
"The aggressive pricing, analysts say, reflects Apple’s ability to use its growing manufacturing scale to push down costs for the crucial parts that make up its devices. Apple has also shown a willingness to tap into its huge war chest — $82 billion in cash and marketable securities last quarter — to take big gambles by locking up supplies of parts for years, as it did in 2005 when it struck a five-year, $1.25 billion deal with manufacturers to secure flash memory chips for its iPods and other devices. By buying up manufacturing capacity ahead of time, Apple forces its competitors to scramble for the parts that are still available, raising costs for their products, analysts say. Apple is the biggest buyer of flash memory chips in the world, according to the research firm iSuppli." - × × ×
GeekGirlCon 2011: The Most Important Con This Year | Tor.com - http://www.tor.com/blogs...
"Over the course of two days, GeekGirlCon sold out all of its 2-day and single-day passes, and saw 2000+ attendees come through its doors at the Seattle Center. But GeekGirlCon’s success came from more than just numbers. It was the most welcoming, inspiring con I’ve ever been to. And the audience didn’t consist of only women. There were plenty of men in attendance, as well as families. I saw a little boy dressed as Doctor Horrible with his sister dressed as Captain Hammer. I saw a Jedi family with two little girls each dressed as a different version of Princess Leia (neither of them a Slave Leia, thankyouverymuch!) and a baby brother with Yoda ears!" - × × ×
Литры, про которые мы думали, как про далёкую техноновинку, вышли на предзаказ по $499 за 16 ГБ-версию. — Lytro's new light field camera lets you focus after you take a picture - http://arstechnica.com/gadgets...
"The new Lytro camera is a small rectangular tube of aluminum, with an f/2 lens on one end and a small 2" touchscreen on the other. The only controls are a power button, shutter button, and a slider to control the 8x zoom range of its lens. There are no controls for aperture, shutter speed, or focus—because the Lytro doesn't need them. The Lytro is probably the closest thing to "point-and-shoot" photography that has ever existed in the digital era." - × × ×
То есть, пока это натурально такой Флип от мегакамер, с разрешением итоговой картинки в 2мп, но учитывая скорость роста плотности сенсоров, через пять лет там будет всё очень ок с разрешением. - × × ×
How a Man Can Grieve for a Deceased Friend | The Art of Manliness - http://artofmanliness.com/2011...
"The last time Paul and I had talked was three weeks earlier. On the phone he had taken shallow breaths between sentences, gasping like a fish on a riverbank, but his lung infection was only a setback, we all thought. When you’re sick for a long time you have your ups and downs. In the days that followed, Paul drifted in and out of consciousness, unable to communicate except to point at an alphabet. One of the last phrases he spelled was: “What’s happening to me?” I walked into the intensive care unit where Paul lay. Shannon hugged me and helped me put on a gown. Paul’s body looked yellow and twisted with tubes running in and out. A ventilator was taped to his mouth. Other friends were there, Shannon’s sister, and her dad. “Take some time to say whatever you need,” Shannon said, and everybody filed out of the room except me." - × × ×
Случилось: Тамблер официально открыл интерфейс на русском... - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
Случилось: Тамблер официально открыл интерфейс на русском языке. staff: Ура! Tumblr is now available in Russian. This localization makes Tumblr more accessible in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, and a host of other countries where we’ve seen new Tumblr communities emerging. This makes eight different languages that Tumblr supports, with more coming! You can change your language settings on the Preferences page. Be sure to also follow the new official Russian Staff Blog. Наслаждайтесь! - × × ×
Ну всё, ЖЖ конец. Пациент умер 21 октября. - полетаем
Если бы всё было так просто. - × × ×
Это как будто корвалол какую-то плотину. Немедленно поднялся громкий возмущённый робот.
Comments disabled. - × × ×
корвалол теперь глагол! - glukki
Осталось десять дней. Присоединяйтесь. - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
Осталось десять дней. Присоединяйтесь. - × × ×
Defeating Al Qaeda With Pizza, Cookies, and the Koran: The story of Ali Soufan, a key interrogator of terrorist suspects for the FBI, is a firm rebuke to Bush-era torture policy and ongoing Islamophobia. | Mother Jones - http://motherjones.com/politic...
“The most surprising element of former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan's memoir, The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda, is how receptive terrorists are to food. When Soufan takes L'Houssaine Kherchtou, an Al Qaeda fixer, out for pizza, Khertchou tells him he's "not an Al Qaeda guy anymore." Mohamed Rashed Daoud al-Owhali, who helped facilitate the bombing of the American embassy in Nairobi in 1998, spills the beans after being plied with cookies and Meals Ready to Eat. Tariq el-Sawah, captured at Tora Bora and currently detained at Guantanamo Bay, has a fondness for ice cream. And in the desperate hours immediately following the 9/11 attacks, Soufan wears down the diabetic Abu Jandal, a former bodyguard for Osama bin Laden, with sugarless cookies, establishing that Al Qaeda was indeed responsible for the 9/11 attacks.” #схватил_за_мозг - × × ×
Photos of Sara: The Fake Stalker and His Secret Tumblr | The Awl - http://www.theawl.com/2011...
"Here is what Nick told her: Walker had a Tumblr called "Photos of Sara. She doesn't know me," which featured nothing but photos and videos of Merker. That was strange enough. Walker had a girlfriend and didn't seem particularly interested in Merker, romantically or otherwise. But that wasn't even the strangest part: Merker hadn't posed for these pictures. She had never seen any of them before. In fact, she hadn't known any of the pictures were being taken. Michael Walker had a Tumblr consisting entirely of photos and videos he had secretly taken of Sara Merker." - × × ×
AT&T распродаёт все запасы 3GS, который предлагается бесплатно с двухлетним контрактом — We’re Seeing “Tremendous, Tremendous Demand” for the iPhone 3GS | Cult of Mac - http://www.cultofmac.com/125025...
“We have another device that I think is going to dramatically change those people that are on smartphones and quick messaging devices, the [iPhone] 3GS, which is free with a 2-year contract. We’ve seen a tremendous, tremendous demand for that device even though it’s a generation old. And actually, we’re getting more new subscribers coming on the 3GS on the average than other devices. So we also have an inventory sold out on that device.” - × × ×
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…И апгрейдиться эти новые клиенты (а это явно мамы, бабушки и дедушки, которым не важна технологическая продвинутость) через пару лет будут вовсе не на андроид. Well played. Freaking juggernaut. - × × ×
распродала уже вроде - Ildar Karimov
И в дополнение отличный штрих о том, как надо отнимать рынки там: “Why Apple added little-known C-Spire as a US iPhone carrier” — http://arstechnica.com/apple... “Indeed, the location of C Spire’s customer base offers a number of benefits for Apple that may not be immediately obvious. First, southerners are typically late technology adopters, says Feland (and as a Texas native who spent several years in Tennessee and Mississippi, I can attest to this as well). This means C Spire has strong potential in converting “feature phone” users to iPhone users. What’s more, thanks to an improved broadband infrastructure and the exploding popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, technology-averse Southern customers might now be more easily swayed to purchase an iPhone, confident that (a) they’ll actually have reliable network service, and (b) they’ll have something really fun to do with their new devices.” - × × ×
Из Гугл-Ридера уберут социальные функции, которые уйдут в Плюс — Upcoming changes to Reader: a new look, new Google+ features, and some clean-up - http://googlereader.blogspot.com/2011...
“[W]e also think it's important to clean things up a bit. Many of Reader's social features will soon be available via Google+, so in a week's time we'll be retiring things like friending, following and shared link blogs inside of Reader. We think the end result is better than what's available today, and you can sign up for Google+ right now to start prepping Reader-specific circles. We recognize, however, that some of you may feel like the product is no longer for you. That's why we will also be extending Reader's subscription export feature to include the following items. Your data belongs to you, after all, and we want to make sure you can take it with you. * Your subscriptions * Your shared items * Your friends * Your likes * Your starred items.” #хороший_был_ридер - × × ×
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Теперь понять бы, останутся ли лайки, звёздочки и теги, или, типа, тоже в топку. - × × ×
Это какая-то планомерная ДЕсоциализация у них выходит - осталось 9 дней мучений
DIE GOOGLE DIE - псы в рапиде
я с ужасом вспомнил lenta.yandex.ru ))))) - псы в рапиде
ALL HAIL GOOGLE - псы в рапиде
вот-вот. как же без уютного чятика в ридере? мне его будет не хватать! - дом мышей
Чатик будет в плюсе. ( - × × ×
В ридере была чудесная фича — видны конкретные люди, которые лайкали пост. А теперь это долбаное +1 только числа показывает. Проклятые инженеры. :( - × × ×
Кликнуть на это долбаное +N пробовали? - Evelynne
Пробовали. Имена не показало. - × × ×
Интересное кино! Мне вот показывает - Evelynne
Скриншот покажите хоть, как оно выглядит? У меня только тултип есть, вот такой: https://www.dropbox.com/s... При клике число никак не реагирует. - × × ×
Так, я мудак и разучился читать, сим прошу меня игнорировать... - Evelynne
Бывает, да. Если бы в ридере вот такую штуку, как в плюсе у вас на скриншоте, сделали бы, было бы очень хорошо. А так как-то плохо пока. ( - × × ×
“It's based on the Preview theme that's already available in Gmail, but there are many other changes: an action bar that uses icons instead of text labels, a completely new interface for conversations, profile pictures next to contacts, a flexible layout that adapts to any window size, display density options like in Google Docs, resizable chat/labels sections, new high-definition themes and an updated search box that includes advanced options.” #редизайн - × × ×
порадовался компактному режиму. осталось сделать контрастный. - Vlad Rafeev
FOMO Addiction: The Fear of Missing Out | World of Psychology - http://psychcentral.com/blog...
“The fear of missing out (FOMO) — on something more fun, on a social date that might just happen on the spur of the moment — is so intense, even when we’ve decided to disconnect, we still connect just once more, just to make sure. Like the old-school Crackberry addict, we’re now all in the grip of “FOMO addiction” * — the fear of missing out on something or someone more interesting, exciting or better than what we’re currently doing. Connected to this fear of missing out on something better that’s going on without you are these fake personas we promote on websites like Facebook. I say “fake” because we often present only the best side of our lives on social networking sites. After all, who wants to be “friends” with someone who’s always posting depressing status updates and who seems to be doing nothing interesting in their lives? So they are indeed fake, because instead of us being completely real, many (most?) of us censor what we post to our social media profile these days. The people on Facebook are often simply their idealized selves — with a bit of misery thrown in from time to time to “keep it real.” - × × ×
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http://insights.corpfreespeech.com/fear-of... — “In a way, there’s an immaturity to our relationship with technology,” she said. “It’s still evolving.” We are struggling with the always-on feeling of connection that the Internet can provide, Sherry Turkle said, and we still need to figure out how to limit its influence on our lives. I asked Professor Turkle what people could do to deal with this stress-inducing quandary. She said she would tell herself to “get a grip and separate myself from my iPhone.” - × × ×
Мне кажется, FOMO преследует с детского возраста вне зависимости от инструментов, телефонов и твиттеров. Все дети хотят на улицу в тусовку, а вдруг там чего происходит, пока они дома. Подростки особенно. Я страдаю бессознательной формой FOMO, когда летом просыпаюсь, а за окном солнце - тревога того, что пока я сплю, а там такая погода - там точно что-то происходит, в чём я не участвую. - CES & nootropics
«Все дети», ггг. - × × ×
Аномалии не рассматриваем. Поверь мне, у меня тут детский сад. - CES & nootropics
Sword and Sworcery. Лучшая игра на айпаде, конечно же. Они... - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
Sword and Sworcery. Лучшая игра на айпаде, конечно же. Они какие-то очень клёвые, пиксель арт этот, электронный звук, и вообще. *** S:S&S EP is a 21st century interpretation of the archetypical old school videogame adventure, designed exclusively for Apple’s touchtronic machinery. #now_ipad #проигры - × × ×
Саундтрек: http://narod.ru/disk... - × × ×
This is something a lot of the eulogies (and the haters) have... - http://untitled.urbansheep.ru/post...
This is something a lot of the eulogies (and the haters) have missed. It’s not (just) that Steve Jobs was a great artist, it’s that he gave us the tools to become great artists. Maybe the way you become a superstar in the modern world is more like Jobs and less like Lennon. You can’t expect to stand in the spotlight by yourself anymore. The way you change the world is to create environments where other people succeed. It’s less Zappa and more Zuckerberg. Less Fellini and more Flickr. Instead of standing in the spotlight, build a stage. (via Derek Powazek - Our Generation’s John Lennon) - × × ×
Official Usability, UX & UI Guidelines From Companies | Usability Geek - http://usabilitygeek.com/officia...
“Guidelines are considered to be the best resource that designers and developer can use to ensure that the applications and web sites they produce are usable. Operating systems, devices, and development environments are very specific in nature. Because of this, their manufacturers have devised their own set of usability, user experience and user interface guidelines.” - × × ×
The Evolution Of Community Management: How has community management evolved as games change from packaged products to online services? Gamasutra speaks to CrowdStar, CCP, and Insomniac to investigate how three very different companies manage their communities. - http://www.gamasutra.com/view...
“While community managers were once known as "forum monkeys" whose job it was to simply moderate the forums "and make sure nobody's puts any nasty pictures on the message boards," today they have become an integral part of the design team. "The designers want to know how the gamers are reacting, but they can't spend hours each day reading 200-post forum threads," she says. "So they've come to depend on us to read all the feedback, distill it down into a summary, and then tell them what most of the players want and what they don't want.” #trendtaste #стайность #продакт_менеджмент #проигры - × × ×
iPhone 4S Cracked Open, Money Spills Out - Arik Hesseldahl - Mobile - AllThingsD - http://allthingsd.com/2011101...
"One vendor could not be identified. Rassweiler says that Apple appears to have taken pains to hide the identity of the company that supplies the parts that power the iPhone 4S’s highly regarded 8 megapixel camera. This is not new, and the candidates include Largan Precision Co., a Taiwanese supplier of camera modules to wireless phone companies, and Omnivision. “We don’t know exactly who makes it,” Rassweiler told me. Whoever the supplier is, Rassweiler estimates the camera added $17.60 to the cost to build the iPhone. And they’re likely to make a lot on the deal. IHS iSuppli is forecasting that Apple will sell 81 million iPhone 4Ss around the world next year." - × × ×
“Apple doesn’t disclose its gross margin on a per-product basis but when it reported its quarterly results yesterday it said its overall gross margin was 40.3 percent.” - × × ×